Introducing the XTREME FPGA HARDWARE platform

Expand your FPGA-carrier-board input-controller, audio & video capabilities to a new level, with 3 different motherboards.
Focus on CRT lovers, MULTI-PLAYER (4-player, more players => more fun!) and multi-ARCADE enthusiasts.
Compact, ultra-customizable, ultra-durable, cable managed, single-board all-in-one design, with a modern consolized/computerized looking.
Enjoy your retro-gaming experience with a REAL-TIME HARDWARE emulation, with the maximum accuracy and the lowest audio/video/input lags.

FutureProof FPGA-Gaming

The only multi-ARCADE (JVS & JAMMA), multi-CRT + HDMI, multi-HOST and 4-player SNAC integrated solution designed to work with #MiSTerFPGA (DE10-Nano) and other next-gen FPGA gaming platforms .

For CRT lovers: Up to 3x CRT displays and 1x HDMI at the same time, unique VIDEO-INPUT, maximum 10-100 IRE VideoDAC accuracy

We don’t put limits to your multi-ARCADE and multi-ROOM setups. As many buffered VIDEO OUTPUTs as the same time as needed: CRT_Yoko + CRT_Tate + CRT_JAMMA(or external CRT arcade monitor) + HDMI (or 4th CRT using an adapter). XNOR sync combiner to enjoy RGBHV+RGBS modes on different CRTs. SYNC hardware protection for 15kHz monitors. Unique VIDEO INPUT (DSUB15 RGBHV) capability, to share the same monitors on two different platforms. One of the most linear and accurate 10 to 100 IRE level R2R VIDEO DAC implementations for your calibrated CRTs (PVMs, BVMs), using Artemio’s 240p SNES core IRE-Test on MiSTer.

Premium AUDIO: 112dB SNR, 32bit/384kHz rated stereo DAC, more analog & digital inputs & outputs, MONO/STEREO Power Amplifier

For the most demanding two channel (stereo) passive setups: JAMMA MONO, NeoGeo MVS (stereo), DIY STEREO cabinet or any two full-range tower speakers. Straightforward upgrade of any JAMMA dual-speaker MONO configuration to STEREO. Ultra-durable 11+11W RMS power amplifier, with SOLID capacitors and active cooling. Dedicated +24V @ 1.5A DC-DC power rail.

4SNAC-IO: Upgraded, Faster, More-Powerful and More-Durable

4-player capable SNAC: 4x NES/SNES, 4x Atari/Sega(DB9), 4x NeoGeo(DB15), 4x Saturn, 2x PSX, 1x Roland mt32-pi… Ultra-durable USB-C (24pin full-featured) connector. 5V@3A power delivery. Embedded USB2.0 (480Mbps) port. Mixed “SNAC & USB2.0” peripherals support. Backward compatible with MiSTer_devel SNAC7 (USB3.0). Higher-speed protocol capable with longer cables. Current limited and overvoltage protections. Unique hot-plug cable detection and automatic peripheral identification capabilities.


Single-cabinet 2-player universal JVS (RS-485) built-in support on all XTREME motherboards. All SEGA NAOMI, TAITO VEWLIX and other JVS cabs are supported. Universal support at core level. Builtin very-low latency 4-players USB2.0 input encoder, with a BLE5.1 remote control/configuration capabilities from your smartphone/tablet. Very easy config & upgrade of the FPGA platform. KICK/SNAC-HARNESS boards: Capcom CPS1 P1-2, CPS2 P1-2, CPS1 P3-4, CPS2 P3-4, Midway Mortal Kombat 1-4, Killer Instinct 1-2, War Gods, WrestleMania… mixed CPS2 P1-2 and 4SNAC support: 1) JAMMA-SNAC, 2) JVS-SNAC, 3) JVS-VERSUS (up to 4x cabinets) and 4) JAMMA-vs-JVS. Simultaneous 4-player USB2.0 input-encoder and 2 or 4-player SNAC for a universal core support: Sub-ms inputlag grade (USB2.0) versus Zero Lag (μs grade) inputlag by SNAC on supported cores. JAMMA-VERSUS supported using special TOP ADD-ON adapters, using digitally buffered loss-less audio & video signal transmission in daisy-chain.

Ultra-CUSTOMIZABLE consolized/computerized & cable managed look-n-feel

Use one of the existing OPEN-SOURCE FR4/ACRYLIC plates or 3D PRINTING enclosure designs, or modify them and make your own!. Customizable material color & thickness, the FR4 has a robust & flat surface, perfect for a high-resolution UVI printing. 3D printable enclosure parts, with customizable material color & finish too. Glittered color for the TOP cover, BLACK resin for interior supports, and BLACK PLA for the BOTTOM cover are our recommendations. Choose the right TOP cover for the XTREME motherboards that better fit your needs (with more or less exposed holes).

Premium user safety & hardware protection

All USB2.0 and FPGA ports, as well as the BLE5.1 input-encoder are fully ESD/EFT/Lightning (industrial-grade) protected: IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) ±25kV (air), ±20kV (contact), IEC61000-4-4 (EFT) 40A (5/50ns), IEC61000-4-5 (Lightning) 4.5A (8/20μs). Custom active cooling design to protect the FPGA and the power amplifier, as well as the users fingers from accidental burn. Ultra-silent and durable double-bearing fan, with regulable fan speed.


Don’t trash your original or existing ARCADE or Gaming CPU when adding a new FPGA HARDWARE platform into your ARCADE or multi-room setup. Maintain your original JVS cabinet collection hardware (SEGA NAOMI CPU, Taito TypeX CPU…) or any existing GamingPC/Rpi/OrangePi with VGA output inside your cabinet. Confortably switch between the two platforms from a remote controller module. Further information about the multi-monitor, multi-arcade and multi-player setups at the connection & deployment diagram. Create your custom setups using our GRAPHICAL RESOURCE files too.

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