XM-PRO motherboard (M.2 SSD embedded adapter, multi-HOST, 4-player USB2.0 encoder, 4SNAC, JVS & JAMMA built-in)


Product Description

Includes 1x XM-PRO v1.2D motherboard, 1x M.2 SSD SATA embedded adapter, extra TOP Add-on capabilities, 1x RJ45 25cm extension cable, 1x custom XTREME 25x25mm cooler with two spring-fasteners and a ultra-silent double bearing fan (pre-assembled), 1x non-adhesive silicone thermal pad, 1x USB-Bridge, 1x Mini Wireless Keyboard+Mouse (Iggual IGG317013), 1x MicroSD USB2.0 reader, 1x USB-C to USB3.0 OTG cable, 3x 16mm HEX F-F studs, 6x M3 black screws, 1x JVS-B1 dongle, 1x RTC, 3x Temp sensors…

NOTE: The RTC 3V CR2032 battery is not included!.